Wings ‘N More® fully understands the importance of providing every franchisee with an extensive, detailed training program, a strong support system, direction and aid in order to establish, open and operate your restaurant at peak performance and efficiency. The following areas of development will be implemented.

Real Estate and Development Assistance

Wings ‘N More® will have corporate personnel readily available with any and all opening decisions. A full set of plans will be provided by the franchisor for the construction. You will be required to have a local civil engineering company for site prep and review prior to construction. The amount of real estate required will be property ranging in size from 1.25 to 1.5 acres depending on overflow parking around the suggested location. While deciding on the real estate it is important to keep in mind the ingress and egress of the property. It will be important for the franchisee to get demographics on the area in question. The final decision will be made by the franchisor.


Wings ‘N More® have an established relationship with Stafford Smith, a national restaurant equipment company, with which we have developed an equipment package for all cooking and smallware needs. Stafford Smith has the expertise and capabilities to provide installation from start to finish as well. We are able to take advantage of their national pricing at a tremendous savings for all franchisees. Although the franchisee has the right to purchase equipment from the vendor of their choice, stringent specifications set forth by the Wings ‘N More® parent company must be met.


The franchisee/owner and up to two managers will be required to undergo an extensive training program for a period of up to, but not exceeding, ten weeks at no charge. The franchisee may also have up to four service and/or nonservice employees receive training at the Wings ‘N More® training restaurant currently located in Bryan/College Station for any time period deemed necessary by the franchisee. All expenses incurred during this training will be the sole responsibility of the franchisee/owner. Training will cover areas such as recipes, food preparations and techniques, purchasing processes, employee scheduling, computer programs, inventory controls, customer service, and all other operational information. The franchisee and manager training will conclude with a thorough, precise, comprehensive, written test coupled with an actual job skill performance test. At the conclusion of this process, you will be provided with a detailed operation manual that will support everyone's training.

On-Site Supervision

Before the opening of your Wings ‘N More® franchise, trained personnel will be on site for a minimum of seven days to assist in areas such as initial set-up of the restaurant, hiring and training new employees and the coordination of the Grand Opening. Once the restaurant has opened, the trained personnel will remain for a period of up to seven days to continue with on-the-spot assistance. A franchisee may request up to a maximum of ten additional days of supervision from the franchisor during the first year of operation. Such a request will require a minimum two weeks prior notice with the cost of the extended supervision becoming the responsibility of the franchisee.

Marketing and Promotional Support

Currently, Wings ‘N More® does not have a national or regional advertising program in place due to the infancy of our franchise program. However, we have always used a common-sense approach to promoting and advertising our restaurants in order to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent. Each individual market is unique and both media pricing and potential customer accessibility varies a great deal. Different strategies are therefore required for success. Today’s technology provides many viable and relatively inexpensive options while traditional media such as newspaper and radio have become somewhat obsolete. Experience has proven that personal recommendations and customer endorsements are much more persuasive than printed ads and commercials, yet, in order to establish a loyal customer base, more than word-of-mouth endorsement is required. Wings ‘N More® has sampled numerous promotional concepts and we are extremely pleased with our current methods that have proven to be both effective and successful. These methods will be shared with each franchisee in order to facilitate the path to customer awareness and toward building a loyal customer base.